PT16 - Personel Taşıyıcı

16 personel kapasiteli, Powershift yürüyüş, 4 tekerden çekiş, 4 tekerden direksiyon

16 personel taşıma kapasitesi. ROPS & FOPS seviye II sertifikalı operatör ve personel kabini. 4 tekerden çekis, 4 tekerden direksiyon ve 180° dönebilen operatör koltuğu sayesinde yeraltı madenlerinde üstün manevra kabiliyeti.


ROPS/FOPS 2. seviye sertifikalı, 10 adet acil çıkış pencereli, 14 personel kapasiteli kabin.


ROPS / FOPS 2. seviye sertifikalı kapalı kabin ve 180 derece dönebilen operatör koltuğu.


Geri görüş kamerası ve operatör kabininde LCD ekran.


Personel ve sürücü kabinleri arasında interkom bağlantısı. Sürücü kabini içerisinde “Personel kapısı açık” uyarı sinyali.


3 yürüyüş modu; Dört Tekerden Direksiyon, Ön Tekerden Direksiyon ve Yengeç Yürüyüş.

1-Diesel Engine
Make / Model:                    JCB Dieselmax 444 TCA-85
Max. Power:                                      85 kW at 2200 rpm
Max. Torque:                                  440 Nm at 1300 rpm
Engine Emissions:           EU Stage 3A / US EPA Tier 3
Diesel Tank:                                                                80 l
With Catalytic Converter and Silencer

Make / Model:                                                JCB PS760
                         Automatic and Manual 4-speed forward
                                                  Manual 3-speed reverse
                                                               Four-wheel drive

3-Axles & Tyres
Make / Model:                                                  JCB SD55
Tip:                                                                          Planet
Front Axle:                      +/- 8° Oscillating and steerable
Rear Axle:                                         Rigid and steerable
Tyres:                                                       12.5-20 / 10-20

Max. Gradient:                                                           40%
Max. Speed:                                                     24.5 km/h

                                                          Four-wheel steering
                                                                     Crab steering
                                                         Front-wheel steering

6-Braking System
Service Brake:       Hydraulically powered two-circuit oil
                        immersed multidisc brakes in both axles
Safety/Parking Brake:                               Spring applied
                                                 hydraulic released SAHR
                                                                             Fail safe

Type:                                        Rigid, high strength steel
8-Hydraulic System
Pump Type:                                       Fixed displacement
Max. Pressure:                                                     200 bar
Flow Rate:                                      60 l/min at 2200 rpm
Hydraulic Oil Tank:                                                     80 l
Return Oil Filter:                                                     25 µm
                 Oil level, filtration and temperature indicators

9-Electric System
Battery:                                                       12 V - 150 Ah
Protection:                                                                 IP65
                              2 x 1500 Lumen Led at front bumper
                          1 x 1500 Lumen Led on operator cabin
                               2 x 1500 Lumen Led at rear bumper
                                                 Turn signals and taillights
Beacon Lamp:                                              Amber color

10-Titan Closed Operator Cabin

  • Closed 2-person cabin
  • ROPS and FOPS level 2 certified

(EN ISO 3471:2008 / EN ISO 3449:2008)

  • Mechanical suspension with manual tilt, weight, height adjustable, 180° pivotable ergonomic seat with seat belt
  • Cabin heater
  • Levers and indicators for all driving controls
  • In-cabin radio output and location (12V)
  • Cabin lighting
  • Heated wing mirrors

11-Dimensions & Weight
Weight:                                     7150 kg (Approximately)
Length:                                                              5420 mm
Width:                                                                2200 mm
Height:                                                               2950 mm
Inner Turning Radius:                                       3130 mm
Outer Turning Radius:                                      6000 mm

  • Warning plates and decals
  • 2x2 kg portable fire extinguisher
  • 2 pcs Wheel chocks
  • Front and rear towbar
  • Back-up alarm and light
  • Battery Isolator switch

13-Personnel Cabin

  • Closed 14-person cabin
  • ROPS & FOPS level 2 certified
    (EN ISO 3471:2008 / EN ISO 3449:2008)
  • Cabin heater
  • 1 Outward opening door
  • Mica glass windows
  • Ergonomic 2 point seat belt seats
  • Amber color beacon on the cabin
  • Cabin lighting
  • Intercom between personnel cabin and operator cabin
  • Personnel door open indicator in the operator’s cabin


  • Centralized greasing system


  • Automatic centralized lubrication system
  • Air-conditioner (Heating and Cooling) in the cabin
  • Manuel activated fire extinguishing system
  • Automatic and manual activated fire extinguishing system (Linear wired)
  • Caliper brake system
  • 12 V emergency steering
  • Diesel particulate filter - DPF
  • EU Stage 5 diesel engine
  • Rear view camera and LCD monitor in operator cabin
  • Additional side view camera
  • Spare wheel