DK16 - Damperli Kamyon

7,1m³ (12 ton), Powershift yürüyüş, 4 tekerden çekiş, 4 tekerden direksiyon 7,1m³ taşıma kapasiteli damper.

Dayanıklı şasi ve güçlü powershift şanzıman. 4 tekerden çekis, 4 tekerden direksiyon ve 180° dönebilen operatör koltuğu sayesinde HES tünelleri ve maden galerileri gibi dar kesitli tünellerde üstün manevra kabiliyeti.


12 ton taşıma kapasiteli damper.


Geri görüş kamerası ve operatör kabininde LCD ekran.


ROPS / FOPS 2. seviye sertifikalı kapalı kabin ve 180 derece dönebilen operatör koltuğu.


3 direksiyon modu; Dört Tekerden Direksiyon, Ön Tekerden Direksiyon ve Yengeç Yürüyüş.

1-Diesel Engine
Make / Model:                    JCB Dieselmax 444 TCA-85
Max. Power:                                      85 kW at 2200 rpm
Max. Torque:                                  440 Nm at 1300 rpm
Engine Emissions:           EU Stage 3A / US EPA Tier 3
Diesel Tank:                                                              140 l
With Catalytic Converter and Silencer
Make / Model:                                                JCB PS760
                         Automatic and Manual 4-speed forward
                                                  Manual 3-speed reverse
                                                               Four-wheel drive
3-Axles & Tyres
Make / Model:                                                  JCB SD70
Type:                                                                  Planetary
Front Axle:                      +/- 8° Oscillating and steerable
Rear Axle:                                         Rigid and steerable
Tyres:                                                          16.00 / 70-20
Max. Gradient:                                                           40%
Max. Speed:                                                     24.5 km/h
                                                          Four-wheel steering
                                                                     Crab steering
                                                         Front-wheel steering
6-Braking System
Service Brake:       Hydraulically powered two-circuit oil
                        immersed multidisc brakes in both axles
Safety/Parking Brake:                               Spring applied
                                                 hydraulic released SAHR
                                                                             Fail safe
Retarder:                                                                4 level
Type:                                        Rigid, high strength steel
8-Hydraulic System
Pump Type:                                                    Gear pump
Max. Pressure:                                                     210 bar
Flow Rate:                                      60 l/min at 2200 rpm
Hydraulic Oil Tank:                                                   105 l
Return Oil Filter:                                                     25 µm
                 Oil level, filtration and temperature indicators
9-Electric System
Battery:                                                       12 V - 150 Ah
Protection:                                                                 IP65
                              2 x 1500 Lumen Led at front bumper
                          1 x 1500 Lumen Led on operator cabin
                               1 x 1500 Lumen Led at rear bumper
                                                 Turn signals and taillights
Beacon Lamp:                                              Amber color

10-Titan Closed Operator Cabin

  • Closed 1-person cabin
  • ROPS and FOPS level 2 certified

(EN ISO 3471:2008 / EN ISO 3449:2008)

  • Mechanical suspension with manual tilt, weight, height adjustable, 180° pivotable ergonomic seat with seat belt
  • Cabin heater
  • Levers and indicators for all driving controls
  • In-cabin radio output and location (12V)
  • Cabin lighting
  • Heated wing mirrors

11-Dimensions & Weight
Weight:                                     6500 kg (Approximately)
Length:                                                              5900 mm
Width:                                                                2400 mm
Height:                                                               2950 mm
Inner Turning Radius:                                       4200 mm
Outer Turning Radius:                                      7280 mm

  • Warning plates and decals
  • 2x4 kg portable fire extinguisher
  • 2 pcs Wheel chocks
  • Front and rear towbar
  • Back-up alarm and light
  • Battery Isolator switch

13-Loading Capacity
Stuck Capacity:                                                      5.3 m3
SAE Heaped Capacity:                                         7.1 m3
Max. Load Capacity:                                         12000 kg
14- Dump Body
Reinforced structure
Hydraulic tilting by 2 cylinders
Dump Angle:                                                               70°

  • Centralized greasing system



  • Automatic centralized lubrication system
  • Air-conditioner (Heating and Cooling) in the cabin
  • Manuel activated fire extinguishing system
  • Automatic and manual activated fire extinguishing system (Linear wired)
  • Caliper brake system
  • 2nd seat in the cabin
  • 12 V emergency steering
  • Diesel particulate filter - DPF
  • EU Stage 5 diesel engine
  • Additional side view camera
  • Rear view camera and LCD monitor in operator cabin
  • Spare wheel