Shuakhevi HPP is a part of The Adjaristsqali Project consisting of three planned hydro power plants, located on Adjaristsqali river in South Western Georgia, close to the Turkish border. The Adjaristsqali Project is developed between Clean Energy Group, a Norwegian based hydropower company, Indian Tata Power and IFC InfraVentures. When completed Shuakhevi HPP is expected to supply electricity to the Georgian and Turkish power systems with an installed capacity of 185 MW. AGE İnşaat is carrying out all the civil construction works for the Shuakhevi HPP including 42.000 m of water tunnels. AGE İnşaat chose Titan IS26 Concrete Sprayers and DK16 Dumper Trucks for this prestigious project.

Titan machines in the project
IS26 Concrete Spraying (Shotcrete) Machine: 7 units
Titan DK16 Dumper Truck: 4 units

The Eurasia Tunnel Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project) is a massive infrastructural project with $1.2 billion total investment, which will connect the historic European peninsula with Asian side via a two deck highway tunnel going underneath the seabed. Apart from 3.400 m long Bosphorus crossing, the construction of the access tunnels are being undertaken using the NATM method Titan TM05 Concrete Transmixers are working in both NATM and TBM tunnels

Titan machines in the project
Titan TM05 Concrete Transmixer: 7 units

The Marmaray Project – the first transcontinental subway system in the world – consists of upgrading the commuter rail system in Istanbul, connecting the European side with the Asian side of Istanbul with an uninterrupted, modern, high capacity commuter rail system. The project is one of the major transportation infrastructure projects in the world at present. The total length of the project is approximately 76.000 m; the immersed tunnel section is 1.400 m, approaching tunnels are 12.200 m long. Titan TM05 Concrete Transmixers and DK16 Dumper Trucks served in both NATM and TBM tunnels.

Titan machines in the project
Titan TM05 Concrete Transmixer: 5 units
Titan DK16 Dumper Truck: 1 unit

Ovit Tunnel is a twin-tube highway tunnel in Mount Ovit, Turkey that connects Eastern Anatolia with Black Sea region. Once completed it will be Turkey’s longest and world’s 4th longest tunnel with a length of 14.700 m. Titan IS26 Concrete Spraying Machines were chosen by the joint venture for this compelling project with 29.400 m lenght of tunnels.

Titan machines in the project
Titan IS26 Concrete Spraying (Shotcrete) Machine: 5 units

Founded in 1973, Bayburt İnşaat became one of the prominent infrastructure contractors in Turkey by completing many infrastructure projects including, tunnels, dams, roads and irrigation systems. Up to the present, Titan machines have been serving in Bayburt İnşaat in multiple tunnel projects including, Mount Kop Highway Tunnel (twin-tube tunnel with 6.400 m length each), Doğançay Railway Tunnel in Ankara-Istanbul High-speed Railway Project (twin-tube tunnel with total 11.100 m length) and Geminbeli Highway Tunnel (twin-tube tunnel with 4.240 m length each).

Titan machines in the company
Titan IS26 Concrete Spraying (Shotcrete) Machine: 10 units