Quality Documents

Titan Machinery has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 quality certificates approved by the Sigmacert certification and accreditation institution and meticulously fulfills the requirements of its management systems.

All the products we manufacture are designed in accordance with European Standards, taking into account human life and health, and each of them has CE certificates approved by TÜV Austria.

The operator cabins of all Titan Machinery underground and tunnel mansions are designed and manufactured in accordance with the protective building regulations (ROPS & FOPS) against overturning and falling objects, ensuring the life of the driver.

ISO 9001
ISO 140001
OHSAS 18001

After Sales & Spare Parts

Titan aims to provide fast and top notch after sales and spare parts service for every product sold in domestic and foreign markets. To attain this aim, our service team consists of highly skilled 15 mechanics, hydraulic and electric technicians. Emergency and periodic follow-up service options strengthen our after sales and spare parts service capabilities.