IS26 - Concrete Spraying Machine

IS26 Concrete Spraying Machine

Titan IS26 Concrete Spraying (Shotcrete) Machine is designed for medium and large sized tunnels with cross sections from 16 to 130 m2. Equipped with powershift transmission, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering and 55kW screw compressor. ROPS & FOPS level II certified operator cabin for underground mines. Theoretical capacity of 34 m³/h spraying with up to 13,2m vertical and 10,2m horizontal spraying reach. Superior maneuverability thanks to 4 Wheel Drive, 4 Wheel Steering and 180° pivoting operator’s seat.

Titan is the market leader for concrete spraying (shotcrete) machine sales in Turkey.


Robust manipulator with 9,2 m vertical and 7,0 m horizontal spraying reach.


360 degree rotation, +135o / – 135o tilt and 9o oscillation.


Onboard electric screw compressor with 10,3 m3 /min air flow rate.


1.000 litre capacity


Peristaltic hose pump driven by 1,1 kW electric motor.


Cable or radio remote control for all nozzle, manipulator, dosing and concrete pump functions.


Duplex control panel with pushbuttons and indicating lights for concrete and dosing functions.


Titan concrete pump with casted body hopper and hydraulic vibrator.


135 bar – 16 lt/min high pressure washer.


Closed cabin with 180 degree pivoting operator’s seat and ROPS / FOPS level 2 certification.


Rear view camera and LCD screen in operator cabin.


3 steering modes; Four-Wheel Steering, Front-Wheel Steering and Crab Steering.

1-Diesel Engine
Make / Model: JCB Dieselmax 444 TCA-85
Max. Power: 85 kW at 2200 rpm
Max. Torque: 440 Nm at 1300 rpm
Engine Emissions: EU Stage 3A / US EPA Tier 3
Diesel Tank: 80 l
With Catalytic Converter and Silencer

Make / Model: JCB PS760
Automatic and Manual 4-speed forward
Manual 3-speed reverse
Four-wheel drive

3-Axles & Tyres
Make / Model: JCB SD70
Type: Planetary
Front Axle: +/- 8° Oscillating and steerable
Rear Axle: Rigid and steerable
Tyres: 16.00 / 70-20

Max. Gradient: 40%
Max. Speed: 24.5 km/h

Four-wheel steering
Crab steering
Front-wheel steering

6-Braking System
Service Brake: Hydraulically powered two-circuit oil immersed multidisc brakes in both axles
Safety/Parking Brake: Spring applied hydraulic released SAHR
Fail safe

Type: Rigid, high strength steel
Front Stabilisers: 2 pcs, extendible
Rear Stabilisers: 2 pcs, fixed

8-Hydraulic System
Pump Type: Fixed and variable displacement
Max. Pressure: 210 bar
Flow Rate: 290 l/min at 1450 rpm
Hydraulic Oil Tank: 325 l
Return Oil Filter: 20 µm
Oil level, filtration and temperature indicators

9-Electric System
Battery: 12 V - 150 Ah
Protection: IP65
Lights: 2 x 1500 Lumen Led at front bumper
              1 x 1500 Lumen Led on operator cabin
              1 x 1500 Lumen Led at rear
              4 x 1500 Lumen Led on boom
              1 x 1500 Lumen Led on hopper
              Turn signals and taillights
Beacon Lamp: Amber color

10-Titan Closed Operator Cabin

  • Closed 1-person cabin
  • ROPS and FOPS level 2 certified (EN ISO 3471:2008 / EN ISO 3449:2008)
  • Mechanical suspension with manual tilt, weight, height adjustable, 180° pivotable ergonomic seat with seat belt
  • Cabin heater
  • Levers and indicators for all driving controls
  • In-cabin radio output and location (12V)
  • Cabin lighting
  • Heated wing mirrors
  • Transparent protection plate on the windshield

11-Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 12600 kg (Approximately)
Length: 8000 mm
Width: 2400 mm
Height: 3080 mm
Inner Turning Radius: 4510 mm
Outer Turning Radius: 7740 mm


  • Warning plates and decals
  • Tool box
  • 2x4 kg portable fire extinguisher
  • 2 pcs Wheel chocks
  • Front towbar
  • Back-up alarm and light

Battery Isolator switch

Max. Spray Reach at Vertical: 13.5 m
Max. Spray Reach at Horizontal: 10.8 m

14-Spraying Head
Rotation: 350°
Tilt: +/- 135°
Oscillation: 8°

15-Concrete Pump
Make / Model: Titan hydraulically driven double piston pump
Max. Capacity: 34 m³/h (Theoretical)
Concrete Cylinder: 180 x 1000mm
Max. Concrete Pressure: 50 bar
Max. Hydraulic Pressure: 210 bar
Hopper Volume: 250 l
Concrete Line Diameter: 5” – 4” – 3 ¼”
Hydraulic vibrator on hopper grate
Hydraulically controlled shutter at bottom (hopper flush)

16-Power Pack

  • 1470 rpm Electric motor
  • 55kW – 400V – 50Hz – IP55
  • Diesel engine PTO driven hydraulic system for cleaning against power cut

17-Cable Reel    
Drive: Hydraulic
Power: 400 V 50 Hz
Cable Length: 50 m
Cable Cross Section: 3 x 70 mm2 + 35 mm2

18-Cable Remote Control
Type: Cable
Cable Length: 15 m
Specifications :

  • All nozzle and manipulator movements
  • Nozzle oscillation
  • Air line on/off
  • Dosing on/off
  • Dosing flow rate adjustment
  • Concrete pumping/reverse
  • Emergency stop
  • Horn

Make: Ekomak
Type: Electric screw compressor
Power: 55 kW
Max. Air Flow: 10.2 m3/min
Max. Working Pressure: 6 bar
Cooling Fan Motor: 1.1 kW

20-Dosing System
Type: Frequency convertor controlled electric driven piston pump
Power: 1.5 kW
Max. Flow Rate: 600 l/h
Max. Working Pressure: 8 bar
Additive Tank: 1000 l

21-High Pressure Washing System
Pump Drive: Hydraulic
Pressure: 135 bar
Flow Rate: 16 l/min
Hose Length: 10 m
Water Tank: 300 l

  • Centralized greasing system


  • Automatic centralized lubrication system
  • Air-conditioner (Heating and Cooling) in the cabin
  • Wireless remote control
  • Manuel activated fire extinguishing system
  • Automatic and manual activated fire extinguishing system (Linear wired)
  • Caliper brake system
  • 2nd seat in the cabin
  • Stainless steel electrical box
  • Stainless steel additive tank
  • Stainless steel additive line
  • Stainless collector box
  • PLC Concrete and dosage control system
  • PLC Concrete and dosage monitoring system
  • Placing rubber on the cabin roof to protect against corrosion from rebound deposition (Standarts B33)
  • High pressure wall washing kit (water scaler)
  • Form oil system
  • 12 V emergency steering
  • Diesel particulate filter - DPF
  • EU Stage 5 diesel engine
  • Rear view camera and LCD monitor in operator cabin
  • Additional side view camera
  • Spare wheel